Bar & Shaft Straightening

It is common for bars and shafts used in high stress environments to become bent, twisted or distorted as a result of the industrial processes they are used in and the resulting forces placed on them.

Pressed Flights has invested in a purpose built pneumatic straightening press that gives repeatable and accurate straightness tolerance.

We can straighten a solid bar up to 200mm in diameter and 6.0m in length.

Repeatable and accurate straightness tolerance for screw shaft assemblies up to 2.0m in diameter and 12.0m in length can also be achieved on our 12.0m flat bed.  This specialist equipment allows compensation for heat treatment and other industrial processes that may cause bending, twisting or distortion.

Test certificates and inspection reports can be supplied to Customers upon request.

If you would like further information about our bar and shaft straightening service please contact us using the contact form or by calling our dedicated Sales Team on 01706 372 551.