Screw Flights

Pressed Flights supply a range of screw flight segments in a wide variety of designs to suit our complete range of screw conveyors, screw feeders, augers and specials.

Pressed Flights can also supply replacement screw shafts for the repair and refurbishment of equipment which has been originally supplied by other manufacturers.

Our range of screw flights are formed using specially designed hydraulic presses.  They enable us to form segments which are accurate on diameter and pitch and fit to the central tube.  Each segment is match marked to facilitate quick and easy fitting. 

Our specialist knowledge and expertise in manufacturing flighting means we can offer our Customers a full range of flight segments including solid flights, ribbons, paddles, tapered and variable pitch screws with flights as small as 50mm diameter up to 1500mm diameter (ribbon segments can be 3000mm diameter) in a variety of materials from 3mm to 40mm thick.  Thicker segments can be formed depending on size.

Flights can be formed right or left handed to suit your requirements.

Examples of screw flights can be seen in the gallery.

We manufacture in a range of materials and finishes to suit a particular application.

For more information or assistance why not contact us using the contact form or by calling our dedicated Sales Team on 01706 372 551.