Pressed Flights manufacture and repair a wide range of types and sizes of screw conveyors, screw feeders and augers - all based on the principle of an Archimedian Screw.  Our expertise ensures that we have solutions for every customer. 

We have made screw conveyors of all shapes, sizes, diameters, sections and lengths including many special variations individually designed to suit a particular application.

We can supply products in a range of materials and finishes including specials.

We can also supply all the necessary components including screw shafts, screw flights and flight segments for the repair not just of our own conveyors but also those made by other manufacturers.

You can be confident that we have the experience, knowledge, capability and expertise to satisfy the requirements of all our Customers and deliver any project with them.

For more information or assistance why not contact us using the contact form or by calling our dedicated Sales Team on 01706 372 551.